What up, Traipser!

Howdy, my name is Dakota and I want to help you live a satisfied, engaged, creative life. Many things fire me up, with a thru-line of reclaiming creativity and ditching tired personal paradigms, all set to a backdrop of life-long learning and outdoor adventures.

Twice a month, I dispatch a newsletter with valuable info worth sharing. Lots of things might make the cut:

  • Updates on my personal learning journey with creative skills, languages, or boundary setting

  • Thought-provoking brain food or useful life-improving things

  • Beautiful art

  • One of my T. Rex fail drawings and definitely some kind of drawing

  • Bikepacking or van trip reports from various trips that I do

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Dakota Gale

Blogger, recovering overwrought business guy, bike and van lover, language learner and aspiring amateur pianist trying to recover his creativity. traipsingabout.com