Love the cat drawing! It's cool that Oliver got to travel with you two! Glad to hear your back is better. :)

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I loved the pic of you and Chelsea at the beach. Good to see you two looking healthy and happy. What happened to your back? I must have missed a post.

Regarding enthusiastic consent, I agree, the only thing I'd add is that sometimes in life we have to make not-so-fun choices, like you HAVE to eat a shit sandwich, but you get to choose whether you want ketchup or mustard on it. If you're in that situation, then I think once you make your choice (mustard on my shit, please), you need to embrace it enthusiastically or else you'll just be miserable and resentful and start looking to blame others. Which is why we decided to move to Santiago for 2 years instead of Bend :)

Santiago is the shit (with mustard)!!! Woohooo! :)

What are your summer plans?

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