I love the examples of enjoying the day-to-day more by shifting perspective!

"But if I kick the telescope over and pick up a magnifying glass, things shift.

I trade decades and years for days and hours.

Everything pivots, brightens.

Perspective returns."

And the joy of pineapple upside-down cake - yum.

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Recommending a video producing guy who making a life as a vagabond and using his scantily clad Asian wife to pose and play in half of his videos is bad enough, but it reflects on you, too. My girlfriend (wife) and I spent two years hitchhiking around the world through over 50 countries so I know much of what this character is doing. His form of exploitation has had a universal appeal since 5000 years before our Common Era. It's taking advantage of less fortunate people, often ignorant, always poorer. They'll do whatever get food for their family. But starting a co-op, offering to fund education, teaching the less fortunate to lift their entire community... ? That's nowhere to be seen or heard. Sad

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