Terrific reminder of your perspective on long-term friendships. I particularly like this line:

"When I set boundaries with people and they respond respectfully, it adds more mortar to the friendship trust bridge between us."

I've been listening to the Founders Podcast recently - basically summaries of business biographies - and I'm surprised how much the host revisits his own notes.

It's an amazing trick to review the things that matter the most to you.

I guess Ryan Holiday also talks a lot about re-reading books and reflecting on the notes his past self wrote... Fun to revisit!

Man, lots of good gems lately on Tim Ferriss' podcast - I'll have to check out the Seth Godin interview. He's always full of wisdom.

I like this one from his interview on Rich Roll last year:

"No one ever bought anything on an elevator and if you’re busy doing an elevator pitch, it’s probably a way of hiding. I think elevator questions are better because what you want is people to follow you out of the elevator and keep talking to you."

The little touch of color in the last dino drawing - excellent!

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