Oh boy, ChatGPT and AI tools in general. Everyone's OBSESSED. And - well, I get it, I'm a huge nerd, but can't we also talk about the way that it's a tool that collects together the average of everything that's out there on a topic and serves it up on a nice-looking digital platter? Whereas, creativity is about trying to find the thing *hardly anyone* is doing, so you can stand out by being as weird as possible? Isn't that a fundamental part of the core of Good Art - you try to fit the wider world, but you also try to break it by being as surprising and odd and "uh, are you having a midlife crisis?"-y as possible?

I know plenty of writers are freaking out, but if this is a call to arms for us to sound *even more* human (and get even weirder), maybe that's a good thing? All this said, it's going to be an incredible tool for all sorts of things. But it's still powered by humans, even though it's pretending it isn't. So - let's double down on being humans?

I should probably just go write something. I've clearly got a lot of caffeine-related ranting to do.

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Great letter! Also, loved the photos of the bike trip. The bunny photos! So cute!

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